OptimizePress Theme is a good start but I prefer to use a great WordPress theme that suits my design needs and use OptimizePress as a plugin for my website.

OptimizePress Plugin makes creating landing pages for WordPress a breeze. The drag and drop software has the ability to integrate with Optimize Member, the OptimizePress membership plugin. You can assign each published page a designation of membership level 0 – 9, pre-launch, launch and automated drip launch features are all easily accessible and simple to deploy using OptimizePress as a plugin. This software allows email auto-responder integration with: mailchimp, infusionsoft, aweber and more. OptimizePress also has a variety of landing page design templates included inside their page builder and these designs have been tested by the best marketers in the business.


WP Profit Builder

If you fell in love with LeadPages.net then you probably want to check out WP Profit Builder by Sean Donahue. This plugin is built for WordPress to make landing page creations, funnels, list building, launch pages and turn-key blogs all a simple WordPress Plugin. The best part is that there is no monthly fee for the product. You buy it and you own it!


This is probably the fastest was to build landing pages and page funnels or registration pages and publish them to: Facebook or WordPress. The Instapage plugin allows publishing right from Instapage dashboard to Any WordPress website. It publishes right to Facebook as well which is really great. The best part about Instapage, beyond the speed of use and great template designs is you can create mobile site designs without the responsive sacrifice. Instapage Landing page drag and drop mobile landing pages designs are fantastic. There are minor limitations to mobile, meaning what has been included on the Desktop design can and will be used in the mobile site design for the landing page that you create… However you cannot add or remove any elements on the mobile version yet. You can reposition the mobile pages for maximum conversion and layout design. Instapage Landing page builder also has Variable testing which is really easy to use and they have great form integration feature for your Aweber account.

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Santa Clarita Internet Markting


The knocked it out of the park with LeadPages.net. In fact this landing page builder and launch funnel software is turn-key easy to use. Drag & Drop and it has some really cool features to create all the pages needed for any funnel scenario. LeadPages.net is a monthly fee and while it is great… If you own WP Profit Builder then you could certainly do 99% of the same stuff inside LeadPages.net. One thing that is not ideal about lead pages is sending the traffic to urls hosted on their website rather that your own web domains. LeadPage.net is no slouch as it de-throwned the most used Landing Page software (at the time of it coming to market) OptimizePress.

Click Funnels

Dr. Ben uses it… Nuff said!


This PPC software is designed to help you micro down your Google AdWords campaigns and they have some really great features built in, not only to manage your AdWords campaigns or Keyword Call tracking abilities…

But, Wordstream also provides turn key landing pages that make your relevancy score go up and your cost per click go down. If you’re already spending over $2,500 per month in Pay Per Click – Google Ads and you’re not using Wordstream yet then you need to give us a call now to set up a free consultation with myself and my friend Kayvon over at Wordstream. Together Kayvon and I will make sure that your ads are set up properly, that you realize everything that you’re missing not having Wordstream on your team, and we will even provide you actionable steps that you can take or pass along to your PPC person to make adjustments. This software is second to none when it comes to setting up AdWords Ad Campaigns for Google the right way and their turn-key landing pages are awesome.