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Organic SEO a.k.a. On-site Optimization is describing the overall understanding that the commonly known search engines like, Google, Yahoo and Bing have for your website or any website that is online and being indexed. Search engines do what is known in the search industry as “crawl” your website. Each search engine has what are called “spider-bots” that come and read and index the data on any and all of the web pages or blog posts that exist on your website. The only pages that they do not normally index are pages that are marked “no-index” or links marked “no-follow.” It is always at the discretion of the search engine to decide whether or not they will crawl or index each page. Search engines have been known to ignore these no-follow designations in the past.

Local SEO vs. National Terms

With Google being as sophisticated as they are in 2015 most of the national terms or phrases a.k.a. what we refer to in the industry as “broad match” SEO search results are going to be geared towards local businesses that can fulfill the needs or desires of the person that is doing the searching. Often these search phrases still produce results for many of the heavy hitter websites like,, and Yahoo Answers in the search results.

A competing strategy for combating the large authority websites is to optimize your website for local terms that will capture a local buyer performing a specific local search. This consumer is far more likely to convert well for a small business that only offers services in a small town or local cities versus a company that is selling their products or services nationwide. It pays to build pages for your target consumers, not for yourself. Remember that it is not always about what you the website owner wants. Give the consumer what they are looking for and make it easy for them. As Jason Fladlien says “make it a second nature decision for them… One that your buyer doesn’t even need to think about consciously. Make it a no-brainer.” Evaluate the competition and then develop a winning strategy.

When local targeting, Geo-targeted local specific keyword terms and phrases may include the base keyword plus the: city, state, zip code and even more than one of the three extensions.

National search terms are very broad and usually general, describing the product or service with as little words as possible. These terms can be far more competitive in the Google Organic Search Results, but should still be used throughout your website along with local keyword phrases that are geo-targeted for your area. Using the terms or phrases that your consumers use to search for your products, services or information is always a good practice to convert more local traffic on your website.

Google Local – Google My Business

Google constantly updates the Google Local Listings and the same thing goes for the terminology that they use to describe it. The most recent way to properly refer to your business address listing on Google is Google My Business. The Google My Business is a connection to your Google Plus account. Google requires that you do connect to a Google Account and Activate your Google Plus Profile before you can Claim your Google My Business Listing.

The Google My Business Listing was formerly known as your Google Local Listing and before that it was called your Google Maps listing. If you are unsure that your Google My Business address listing is correct check to see if your business shows up for it’s own name or login to your Google account to see whether or not it is connected properly on your Google Plus Business profile. Often we find that many businesses have more than one listing address or multiple profiles with old outdated address listings. If this is your situation then your listings can be merged or updated. If you need assistance merging or editing your Google Business Listings, Give Us A Call: 661-373-3176

If your business needs to update an old address on your Google Local Listing that is a pretty easy fix. Simply edit the business Address on the Google Plus Business Profile page and then save your changes. Once you have submitted the new address Google will prompt you to request and receive your address verification postcard by mail. After you receive the postcard from Google you’ll need to claim your listing and verify it using the verification code that Google will mail to you on your postcard. That’s it! Now you’re ready to get some new local business… Almost, right? Well next you’ll want to be sure and optimize your Google Local Profile for your business by uploading images and filling in your description, along with your hours of operation and other contact information that your customers can use to reach you.

Remember that it is good practice when filling in your company description and title information to use the text that your target consumer would use to search for your business products or services. It is also recommended that you upload a very clean and clear head shot with your trusting face for your profile avatar image this helps the consumer to learn who you are and trust you more.

Finally if you can, we recommend changing the Google Plus profile banner art out with a customized one that is designed to best represent your business. If you need help setting up your Google Plus profile or establishing a Google Business Address feel free to Give Us A Call: 661-373-3176

Google Pay Per Click Ads – AdWords – PPC

AdWords is one of the most competitive and sure fire ways to get immediate traffic to your website. Google AdWords takes a bit of work to get set up and there are a few bridges that you will need to cross on your way to managing successful Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ad Campaigns.

After your website is live and you have set up a Google AdWords account, you will want to set up a Google Analytics account and connect the domain name of the website that you want to begin tracking with your AdWords & Analytics accounts. Once you have been given a Google Analytics tracking code for your website you will want to install that on your website and check that it is working properly before sending any ads traffic over to the site. “Tracking is just as important as running the ads themselves. If you cannot track the ads or you’re not tracking the ads then you cannot measure the results. If you have no way of measuring results then you’re just guessing.” – Dr. Ben Adkins

After you have the essentials in place: Website, AdWords Account, and Google Analytics installed… Your next step will be to begin keyword research and to start to compile a list of keyword terms and phrases that you think your target consumers are searching for in order to begin bidding on these PPC ads. I like using a simple Spreadsheet sheet for this. Once you have a nice strong list of keyword phrases to begin targeting with an AdWords campaign it is always a good idea to do some competition analysis. Begin searching for the phrases individually by using Google Search to identify the competition that your website will be competing against should you decide to begin purchasing bids for those specific keyword phrases.

When assessing the competition determine what they do right and wrong, learn from them and decide how you can position your brand and your website user experience to be unique, to offer a better quality product, service and overall site experience to the target consumers that are clicking on these ads. Read their negative reviews and then build your bullet points from them. Remember that when you pay close attention to the competition it is easy to spot your flaws and how to win.

Tai Lopez often tells the story of Sam Walton getting arrested in South America for getting on the floor in the grocery store. I must have seen dozens of videos that he repeats using this example to illustrate a true passion, humility and understanding for competition analysis. The local police arrested Sam Walton and when he returned back to the states he was asked “Sam… What were you doing on the floor in the supermarket?” Sam replied “I was measuring the distance between each aisle to see if they knew something that I didn’t.” You see Sam Walton was humble and he truly believed that no other retailer had ever spent as much time as he did scoping out the competition.

As you have completed the keyword research for your AdWords Campaign you can export a list or add the terms or “AdGroups” (per Google Keyword Planner Tool), to your AdWords Campaign. Next determine the landing page url that you would like to send the traffic to and finally develop your Google text ads. There are many types of Ads that you can purchase inside of your Google AdWords account. This process does require careful attention and setting up your AdWords Campaigns can be a bit overwhelming if you are new to the AdWords dashboard editor.

Contact us for assistance in launching your AdWords Campaigns. 25Score Card members and merchants receive 10% off their first month initial setup fees. Give us a call: 661-373-3176

YouTube – Video Marketing

The second most used search engine in the world is YouTube. It has been that way for over 4 years and that statistic may never change. In 2015 people would prefer to watch a video for instructions on what to do next, see and hear where to go and learn how to get there by being told. Today consumers are far more interested in watching something than having to read about it. If a picture is worth 1,000 words to your business then video is worth 10,000 words for your marketing communication! Video is the most effective way to communicate your message in 2015.

Video builds trust and as I mentioned… Generally speaking, People Don’t Want To Read!

Video is just a better medium for digital communication, Facebook prefers video because the users prefer watching videos in the timeline and users prefer to go find the answer that they are looking for on YouTube almost as much as going to Google looking for it. Even when a video is found in the organic search results on Google, the thumbnail tends to get far more clicks than the website text links.

Give people what they are looking for… Video Marketing is a must in your marketing plans for 2015. Give us a call to learn how video can build authority for your business, increase your sales and reduce your ads spending using video marketing for your business: Contact us at 661-373-3176

iTunes – Podcast Marketing

Where else might people online turn to find a solution or learn more about a subject that they are researching?

iTunes! iTunes is the third most used search index in the world. That means if your business is going to be in the mainstream you will want to have a presence on iTunes. Podcasting is the perfect medium to be less intrusive and build a huge following of dedicated listeners that can appreciate your expertise and enjoy being apart of the community of like-minded people that your show or brand has built.

Time and again I have witnessed Podcasting on iTunes propel business after business & lifestyle marketer after lifestyle marketer onto an all new high. Each of them get there and never look back. Podcasting is a powerful tool. Your Business can use a pod cast to build up a tribe of raving fans, get more leads, display your knowledge and industry expertise, meet potential consumers of your products and services, become the “expert” or “authority” brand in your niche. All that is possible with Video Podcasting… And the best part is that on iTunes you can upload either mp3 audio files or mp4 video files. #Podcasting

SoundCloud – Podcast Marketing

The smaller and more trend driven audio marketplace… Soundcloud is a great platform to spread the word about your information, products, content or your music. You can have audio used from your podcast uploaded to Soundcloud and distributed to a multitude of channels online like: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email and more. If your target consumers are hanging around on Soundcloud then this is a great place for them to discover your content. Optimization for Soundcloud search is super easy to do! Give us a call to find out more about the power of Podcasting and how to leverage it to build an ROI for your business: 661-373-3176

LinkedIn Marketing

Your professional network on LinkedIn can be a huge traffic monster, it can help you grow as an expert in your industry and you can build a bigger database of connections that ultimately lead to more third party endorsements, referrals and more clients. If you own an established business or you’re looking to establish yourself in your career as an entrepreneur or possibly an employable individual, LinkedIn is the most respected business platform online. You can connect with: other industry experts, colleagues, former colleagues, potential employees, classmates, fellow alumni, friends, prospects and clients. LinkedIn also offers ads for businesses that can be purchased on a per impression or per click basis. Check out LinkedU or give us a call for more guidance on LinkedIn marketing.

Become a top contributor in private and public LinkedIn groups and leverage your friendships and your business relationships for new connections and third party endorsements to showcase your skills and talents.

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