Landing Page Videos

Videos designed for landing pages should be well scripted and have one intent. To deliver value. Beyond that it is recommended that your landing page video only have one desired outcome, i.e. a single planned objective for the viewer to complete. The result action, e.g.: click the button on this page, fill in the form, complete the next step, download your copy of, watch this video below to learn, etc. Some of the most effective landing pages used in 2015 are by Jeff Walker and Eben Pagen, both of which have reduced the style to a simple page with only a title, video and horizontal button the length of the page. Landing page videos can be used on Thank You pages and are highly effective for building trust with your audience.

Sales Funnel Videos

Video Sales Letters, VSL’s, also referred to as Sales Videos, Sales Funnel Videos… Product Launch Videos… They are often highly scripted, high converting video messages. Sales Funnel Videos can used on landing pages as stand alone evergreen assets that continually generate leads converting targeted traffic without hesitation. Many times they are simple white slate slide presentation videos with a single typography style and uni-color text. These videos can also be seen used in a sequence or series and are great for cold traffic to build an email list and they also serve well to an active list when creating or selling new affiliate offers.

Explainer Videos

One of the most exceptional explainer videos that I have ever seen (responsible for millions in sales) was done by Internet Marketing, Design and Animation Sketch Expert, Jason Lubas. Watch it now:

Explainer videos commonly use graphic visualization or “white board” video drawing styles to communicate their message with visual element while the voice over audio remains in sync to guide the viewer along. Explainer videos can be a great way to describe a problem to your audience and explain your customer process for the solution that they can receive if they purchase your products or services. People learn by seeing, hearing and doing so two of the three aspects of learning are touched using an explainer video format to educate the consumer. As seen in the video above, the graphic visualization depends on the teach then sell approach to induce a buying decision from the viewer.

Video for Facebook Ads

Facebook Video Ads are the most effective Facebook Ads running in the timeline. For less than $8 per day you can literally get 300-500 views to any video ad, even on pages with the worst engagement metrics. Facebook Video ads are very powerful and inexpensive for local business Facebook Pages. They auto-play without the audio in your target user timelines and you can limit them to only show up on mobile news feeds.

Facebook Video Ads or what Facebook calls Video Views can be found three ways:

  1. Inside Your Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Using the Facebook Power Editor with your Chrome Browser
  3. Uploading A Video in Your Post Status Update for a Boost Ad

I never recommend paying for Boosting posts or using method #3. That would be the worst way of the three to set up your video ads, because the targeting is poor at best. It is far wiser to create an ad for Video and use the right target audience. There is a ton more that you should know about Facebook Video Ads. Contact us for more information: Call now 661-373-3176

YouTube TrueView Video Ads

Could you imagine how much your business would propel with Video Ads on YouTube? We have already mentioned that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, only behind Google.

So let’s say that we develop a bunch of really great videos for your YouTube channel. Next we will work with you to establish up to 5 key target consumer personas and then after we record, edit and launch your new videos…

We’ll help you begin video ads using TrueView YouTube Video ads. That means you’re videos can be targeting people all day and night, reaching your target consumers with your brand message, content, expertise and limited time offers.

The best part is that you don’t get charged if they skip the video. You get a free 8 seconds before they can Skip Ad and we can choose exactly which videos your video should be playing on. The powers of TrueView Video Ads on YouTube are just the beginning. We can help you compliment your video ads with: Companion Ads on YouTube, In-Stream Ads and Overlay ads. And… If you’re ready for AdWords we can connect your existing or new text ad campaigns with the Video Display Network to give you the maximum exposure across multiple ad networks direct with your message advertised to the right target audience.

YouTube Video Optimization

Organically Google favors YouTube videos for website embed and for the sole purpose that Google really isn’t going to penalize anyone using more than one of the Google products, right? That’ one key reason that I prefer YouTube over Vimeo eight out of ten times. Obviously YouTube has way more traffic. Vimeo has it’s purpose. If you’re running an ad agency and your objective is not so much about getting views¬† and finding clients as it is about presenting your work in a professional way for your prospects to enjoy, then Vimeo is the place for that.

YouTube has tons and tons of traffic, they have everything that you need to upload, edit and create great videos from within the YouTube Manager Dashboard and the best part is that Google loves the video content even more than you and I do. It is their video eyeball magnet… It is us painting the fence for YouTube and building up a reason for more Time on Screen (TOS). YouTube continually grows with millions of minutes of footage uploaded daily.

Build your YouTube presence right! Properly setting up your videos to get the most out of the SEO weight for your web assets can be one of the best ways to build trust, spread your message and get free exposure for your brand and increase your website rankings on YouTube and Google Organic Search! #YouTube #YouRock

Google Hangouts

Not only does a Google Hangout post directly on the corresponding YouTube channel but, it also posts to your Google Plus Events page. Google Hangouts are a great way to meet with like-minded people on a live stream or what Google calls Hangouts On Air. They also host Video Hangouts which are live streams that are not being recorded.

Both Hangouts On Air and Google Video Hangouts are the free video conference solution that even perfect strangers can be discovered or invited to join in on. Google Hangouts are super fun and if you need a coaching session on how to produce your own Google Hangouts or you’re looking for someone to do it for you… Call us 661-373-3176

Webinar Videos

Getting people to your webinar can be a large task… Making sure that your webinar is scripted and structured to keep the viewer’s attention is even more important. Live webinar recordings often become paid content modules inside info products and some remain evergreen video sales letters that are positioned as free standing training webinars. In some cases the best selling internet marketing professionals have used webinar videos to increase their company’s income that is generated online. Many times by 20 to 30x versus past metrics from an average marketing person’s results in ROI. Webinar videos have a proven structure that we learned from Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos and would be happy to share with you. Give us a call for a free webinar consultation 661-373-3176 .

Evergreen Webinars

Repurposing or replaying a webinar video that converts anytime year round is known as an evergreen webinar. The evergreen webinar is used to present for new traffic, loyal email list traffic or cold targeted traffic. Most Evergreen webinars have been proven to work exceptionally well during testing and that is why they original replay is reused again and again. The theory behind an evergreen webinar starts with automation.

Convince and then convert is the way… It begins by using ads traffic to send people into a funnel of content which is usually supported by the use of evergreen webinars and follow up email sequences. Once you have done the work to build a successful evergreen webinar funnel the object is to use fresh ads traffic to continue the sales for you or your business with minimal effort. Think of an evergreen webinar as your online sales pilot or lead generation machine. It can be on even when you’re away. And you can start with a simple 3 step webinar funnel system.

Informational Training Videos

Training Modules or info product training videos should include a healthy mix of person to person interaction, slide presentation pieces, explanation and screen share or field demonstrations to keep the viewers attention. Each person learns best 2 of 4 ways: Listening, Listening and watching, watching and doing, listening while doing.

Explanation and theory can only go so far. Step-by-step instruction should be clear and concise. However, small details should not be overlooked. As the expert doing the teaching we must be sure to include all the information in an organized and easy to follow way. To allow the viewer to maximize their chance for implementation and positive results. “We are only as good as our teacher…” – Unknown #GiveUnequivocally